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TN74093: Designing Ion Chromatography Methods for Determining Amines in Pharmaceuticals - Method 2 Be the first to rate this application


This technical note (TN) describes how to develop an ion chromatography method to determine an amine in pharmaceutical samples. Two methods were developed in this TN. Method choice depends on the nature of the sample. This record is for the method that uses the Dionex IonPac CS19 column .
Market: BioPharma
Keywords: Dionex IonPac CS19 Column, Diphenhydramine, Losartan, Metformin, Ranitidine, Nitrosamines, NDMA, Dionex ICS-5000+ HPIC, Dionex CDRS 600 suppressor, Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC, TN 74093
Matrix: Pharmaceuticals
Author: Jingli Hu and Jeffrey Rohrer
Affiliation: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA USA
Uploaded on 5/19/2021.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.