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AN73267: Determination of Perchlorate in Drinking Water using Ion Chromatography Be the first to rate this application


This application note updates the method with a high resolution IonPac AS16 4µm-2mm column. In comparison to the IonPac AS16 column, the IonPac AS16-4µm column exhibits higher peak efficiency while maintaining the same selectivity. This application note shows that using AS16-4µm column saves 3 min per injections, thereby improving productivity in perchlorate determinations in drinking water. Key performance parameters were evaluated including separation, linearity, limits of detection, accuracy, and precision. Perchlorate concentrations were determined in three drinking water samples.
Market: Environmental
Keywords: suppressed conductivity detection, Drinking water, ADRS 600 Suppressor, Dionex IonPac AS16-4μm column, U.S. EPA Method 314.0, AN 73267
Matrix: Water
Author: Jingli Hu and Jeffrey Rohrer
Affiliation: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Uploaded on 12/20/2019.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.