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AN622: Pathway-Targeted Metabolomic Analysis in Oral/Head and Neck Cancer Cells Using Ion Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Be the first to rate this application

targeted metabolomics oral cancer by ichram ms


Metabolomics aims to measure a wide breadth of small molecules (metabolome) in the context of physiological stimuli or disease states. The general problems encountered when characterizing the metabolome are the highly complex nature and the wide concentration range of the compounds. In this work, a high flow rate IC system was used for targeted analysis of the TCA cycle intermediates to increase throughput and robustness for the hundreds of samples typically analyzed in a targeted metabolomics project.This work also validates our previous observations using Cap IC with HRAM MS.
Market: Metabolomics
Keywords: High resolution, Organic acids, ion chromatography, Q Exactive HF Mass Spectrometer, Accurate mass, phosphate sugars, isotopic labeling, oral cancer cells, targeted metabolomics, TCA cycle
Matrix: Extracts from oral cancer cell lysates
Author: Junhua Wang1 , Terri Christison1 , Krista Backiel2 , Grace Ji3 , Shen Hu3
Affiliation: 1Thermo Fisher Scientific, 22 Cambridge Isotope Laboratories Inc., Tewksbury, MA, 3School of Dentistry and Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Uploaded on 6/14/2019.

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