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Multi-Residue Pesticide Analysis in Herbal Juices using GC-MS/MS Be the first to rate this application

multiresidue pesticide analysis herbal juices using gcmsms


The Thermo Scientific™ TSQ™ 8000 Evo triple quadrupole GC-MS is an excellent tool for the control of MRL levels in food commodities. The enhanced velocity optics (EVO) driving EvoCell collision cell technology provide high SRM transition speeds, precision, and sensitivity for even complex methods involving several pesticides in a short run time. This application is focused on the analysis of 247 compounds in two different herbal juices, Aloe vera and Amla (Indian gooseberry), demonstrating the potential of the method to detect trace level compounds at concentrations as low as 1-2 ng/g.
Market: Food and Beverage
Keywords: Pesticides, QuEChERS, TraceFinder, Quantitation, Aloe Vera, Amla, selectivity in matrix, TSQ8000Evo, validation
Matrix: Herbal juices
Author: Shridhar Gawade, Soma Dasgupta, Aarti Karkhanis, Sunil T. Kumar
Affiliation: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Mumbai, India
Uploaded on 6/20/2016.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.